About Me


It all started with a huge BANG! After that, things gradually began to come together and, 13,772,000,000 years later (+/- 40,000,000 years or so), here I am!

My name is Rafe (pronounced “rayf”), but my friends just call me “Ratt.” Born & raised in and around Ogden, Utah (north of Salt Lake City), I was adopted as a baby and, despite all of their flaws and quirks, my adoptive family is amazing and gave me a great childhood. I cannot thank my biological mother enough for making that tough decision all those years ago. Needless to say, I am a huge supporter of adoption because of this.

Fun fact: my nickname, “Ratt”, is a portmanteau of my birth name, Matt, and my adopted name, Rafe; also I have been known to be quite the “pack rat”.

Now, as an adult, I still live in the same area with my wife and two awesome kids. Most of my days are spent fixing computers and iPhones at my day job while my free time is usually dedicated to playing with my kids, hiking, working on my big ol’ turd 2006 Ford Explorer (aka, the “Space Shuttle”), and making YouTube videos. I also dabble in painting, playing ukulele, and really love going on road trips whenever possible; my dream is to sell everything to live on the road in an RV or converted school bus once the kiddos are out on their own.

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