I don’t like it….

Recently, I gave this blog a facelift. After hours of thinking and tweaking with the design, I picked something minimalist and clean then spent several more hours designing the logo to match. Clean, simple, and modern.

I’m no graphic artist, but in my untrained eye that’s the look I went for and successfully achieved.

Now I have a problem: I hate it.

It’s not bad – if it weren’t for my personal blog, it would be nice. The issue is that the design doesn’t fit me and my personality at all. I get the same sensation looking at my blog as I do when I see a wax figure; it’s wrong. It’s sanitary. Fake. And that makes it ugly. I focused so much on making it pretty, I totally forgot to put some of myself in it.

So, another overhaul is in order and will be coming soon! It won’t be as pretty but, simply put, IDGAF.

*grabs duct tape*

Talk Less. Do More.

My desktop.

At the beginning of the year, I made a simple resolution: talk less and do more. You see, a big problem that I have is how I love to make plans then never actually do them. It’s been an issue all of my life. I always talk about doing things but then I get lazy and don’t actually do them.

My original solution to this was to make a list of things that I want to do. I love lists but the problem there is that I only look at them when I’m adding something. So then I started adding things to my calendar, but there was the same problem – I wouldn’t look ahead and would forget about things I wanted to do until it was too late to properly prepare so I’d just cancel it. Finally, I started making reminders in the Microsoft To Do app about these things, but I’d just ignore the notifications because that’s just how I roll.

Then I realized something – one of the first things that I do almost every morning is hop on my computer to check e-mail, etc. What’s the first thing you see when you sign-in to your computer? The desktop! And something that I like even more than lists is Post-It notes.

Seriously, you can ask my co-workers; I Post-It everything.

So, I opened up the “Stickies” app, set it to automatically load at login, and came up with the system that you can see in the screenshot above. Color-coded and organized, I put all of my upcoming plans and tasks right there on the desktop where they are glaring me in the face (almost) every morning.

The “Stickies” app is pre-loaded on macOS. If you’re a Windows user, “Sticky Notes” is the equivalent that is also usually pre-loaded but, if not, you can download it from the Microsoft Store.

Naturally, I expected this to be like all of my previous attempts at planning things and become something that just fades into the background as my mind learns to ignore it – but it has actually been working quite well! Combining this method with keeping an up-to-date Outlook calendar, the past 4 months have seen more fun activities and completed tasks (on-time!) than a normal year.

What’s your method to organize tasks and plans? Do you have any suggestions that might improve my system? Let me know by leaving a comment!